" The vell of past is very deep ;
yet we draw the water of Life from it "
(Thomas Mann)

- Welcome to the webpage of Sovata's Museum. Thank you for being interested in the values of the Salt district. Here we present the past of our Museum and let you know about its topics. You can get a gist from the world of the Museum and you can join the activity of the Museum Supporting Association. Our Museum and its webpage would like to share the knowledge with its visitators, both with children and adults.

We wish you a nice and useful experience while visiting our Museum.
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Márton Levente fress in 12.VII.2001

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The History of Sóvidék (Salt bazin)

  • the history of Szováta(Sovata)
  • the history of Sóvárad(Sărăţeni)
  • the history of Illyésmező(Ilieşi)
  • the history of Parajd(Praid)
  • the hisrory of Alsó- Felső Sófalva(Ocna de sus , Ocna de Jos)
  • the history of Korond(Corund)
  • The Museum's Past

  • information concening the past of Sovata's Museum
  • some pieces from the collection of the Museum
  • biography of Szabó Mihály, founder of the Museum
  • Museology

  • Museum Supporting Association
  • History of Museums in Romania
  • Related branches of knowledge and their connections
  • About the Hungarian launguage
  • Aims and Plans

  • aims of Sovata's Museum
  • plans concerning the restart of Sovata's Museum
  • Etnographic Collection

  • etnographic data concerning the Salt district
  • results of universal etnographic research
  • Historical Collection

  • data relating to the Salt district and Transylvania sorted according to different ages
  • Natural Scientific Collection

  • data regarding the Salt distrrict and Transylvania
  • News